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Key Features: - Knock Out Size ½” And ¾” - Self locking, rugged plastic connector securely holds non-metallic cables - Snap-in design – can be installed in Panels, Boxes and Fixtures; Requires no tools to install - Extremely adjustable tab, cables can be adjusted quickly and easily after installation - CSA Approved 14/2, 14/3, 12/2, 10/2, 8/3, 6/3, AWG or NMD cables or equivalent diameters - Convenient packaging

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Non-Metallic Grey Connectors - ‘Snap-On’ - Pail/Drum

Model Size UPC Code Std Pack Unit Pack Weight Lb
Per Unit
Trade Price
Per Unit
sd 1129p SD1129PP-33 LARGE DRUM 11293-5 1300 0 1.30
sd 1130p7 SD1130P-33 LARGE DRUM 11303-1 7000 0 1.60
sd 1129p2 SD 1129P-26 MED DRUM 11296-2 8000 0 1.30
sd 1130p3 SD 1130P-26 MED DRUM 11306-2 5000 0 1.60
snap-on plastic cable connectors packing SD 1129PP PLASTIC PAIL 11291-1 300 0 1.30
sd 1130pp SD 1130PP PLASTIC PAIL 11301-7 150 0 1.60

Our Business

We manufacture electrical components including all type of box covers, straps, connectors and their accessories with significant investments in plant machinery and resources. Swift Devices enjoys the confidence of Canada's top distributors of electrical component and supplies.

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Our Mission

  •  Invest  in equipment and resources with our customers in mind
  • Maintain safe and consistent manufacturing standards and practices across all products and at  all times
  • Emerge as the supplier of choice for our customers and the employer of choice for our employees.

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